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my birthday is october 2nd, let me know if you need my postage address 
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my birthday is october 2nd, let me know if you need my postage address 


wow this weekend i’ve had so much good food i’m so happy 

  • on friday i had this tandoori chicken with naan bread set at work which only cost rm6.90 and it was just wow amazing. r.i.p me that was the day i died and went to heaven, which is where i tasted the rest of the foods i’ve had this weekend 
  • on saturday i had a nice blt sandwich in a small café with yin mei and after that i spent this rm10 voucher i had for coffee bean on a chicago cheesecake 
  • then later that night i had a burger (i forgot the name but it was super good) at killer gourmet burger with mikhail and that had bacon in it too i had so much bacon on saturday 
  • then today (sunday) i had a breakfast sausage mcmuffin at mcdonald’s and mcdonald’s breakfasts always make me happy so 
  • i met up with michelle and effie and we had ice cream at baskin robbins, i tried a flavour i’ve never tried before—the love potion #31 which like ok it confused me a bit but that one had white chocolate + raspberries + milk (or maybe it was dark i’m really not sure) chocolate all going on in there so wow 

and my mom is cooking dinner tonight and she’s always amazing so ^_^v 

helped mikhail find ari & dante discover the secrets of the universe yesterday and he bought it and finished it and thought it was beautiful. helped effie find it today and she bought it and is gonna read it. this is what true success feels like

By Tumblr logic would liking people who’re intelligent be Ableist?







Because I like to date people who’re intelligent and who’m I can have a good healthy conversation with about interesting stuff. 

Thinking that “can have a good heathy conversation about interesting stuff” and “high IQ” are the same thing is ableist. 

Wanting a partner you can have certain kinds of conversations with isn’t.

Hmm, Idk if I agree, cause like for me intelligence is a huge turn on, like more so than physical aesthetic. (whilst ofcourse that does play a part). For me an intelligent and funny guy is the kind of guy I’d want to be with, I’d struggle to be with someone who didn’t understand the conversations I enjoy having about politics, feminism and philosophy. 

Idk, I’m not sure where I’m going with this! 

You don’t need a high IQ to say worthwhile things about any of those subjects.

Do you think I’m unable to have conversations on those subjects?

Did you know my IQ is 85?  For real?  I was tested when I was 22, I tried my best, and my IQ was 85.  The tester was shocked:  He thought it would be much lower, and told me how smart I was based on the test.  I thought my test score would be around 120 or something based on what he said.  Then I requested my records years later:  85.

This is not unusual.

Donna Williams got multiple university degrees with an IQ of 67.

A friend of mine was in grad school studying philosophy at the PhD level when she found out her IQ was 80.

Another friend of mine has an IQ in the 30s and went to college starting when he was 12, and thrived in university throughout his early teens, became an award-winning filmmaker while still a kid.

These are not exceptions.

This is not where you say “Well obviously the test gave you the wrong IQ.”

The test can’t give you the wrong IQ.  The test gives you the IQ you get.  The only meaning of IQ is “the score you get on a test”.  There is no such thing called an IQ that exists in your head independent of the test.  So if you do badly on the test, you have a low IQ.  It does not mean you are unintelligent.  It just means that for whatever reason you don’t do well on IQ tests.

I’ve spent my entire life in the developmental disability services system.  This means spending a lot of time around people with intellectual disabilities — mostly people with IQs under 75, although some with IQs as high as mine (which is normally the high end of “borderline intellectual functioning”) if they also have severe problems functioning in other areas.

They are not unintelligent.  Some of them can pass completely for normal, even with IQs down into the forties.  Some of them don’t pass at all, even with much higher IQs.  (I don’t pass at all, that’s why the guy was so surprised how “high” my 85 IQ was.)  

All of them are capable of having interesting conversations about justice and injustice.  This is what the entire DD self-advocacy movement was built on, is people noticing injustice and fighting it.  We give speeches, powerful speeches.  It doesn’t take a high vocabulary to give a powerful speech about injustice.  A lot of us may find elements of SJ jargon cognitively inaccessible, but that doesn’t make us unintelligent.

Dave Hingsburger talked about a speakers’ bureau who never turned anyone away regardless of the severity of their developmental disability.  At one point, they sent a woman into a classroom to teach them about injustice.  She could only communicate by pointing to pictures on a picture board.  The teacher and students were shocked that they were just left alone to communicate with this woman.  But she started showing them how to communicate with her, and by the end of the day, they had learned a whole lot and didn’t want her to leave.

People who have no language can still communicate about injustice.  They communicate about it every time you do something to them that they don’t like, and they resist, with body movements, facial expressions.  Their extreme effort to communicate “yes” and “no” and “this is right” and “this is wrong” can be more powerful and eloquent than the most eloquent speech I could write.

So all the way down the line, I’ve never met an IQ-based group of people incapable of having interesting conversations about these topics.  It’s more about whether you’re willing to listen.  Whether you’re willing to have the patience — because often an intellectual disability is merely a brain that works slower than normal, so you have to wait for them to understand something, and then wait for their mind to get the words out, but when the words come out, they’re always just as valuable as anyone else’s words.  Sometimes you have to adjust your vocabulary level.  Sometimes you have to learn to listen in ways you didn’t know you could listen.

But intelligence isn’t IQ.  There are highly unintelligent people with very high IQs, and brilliant people with extremely low IQs.  So we’re just trying to make sure you’re not making that mistake.

Signal boosting for important message from Mel Baggs.

And, I wish I could have an opportunity to meet that woman who lectured on injustice via picture board.

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The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.
— James Baldwin (via cecileemeke)

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today i told someone about the view > clean up function on mac and a wave of relief and pure goodness came over me. i have changed someone’s life for the better. they will now go out into the world a renewed person. no more disarranged icons on their desktop. no more icons overlapping icons. no more. no more. all because of me O:-) 


Know your double, a doppelgänger field guide -
John Martz

i was getting coffee today and i passed one of those electric insect zapper ? things and i could see all the dead insects behind it and i started thinking, wow, what if one of those insects fell into my coffee right now as i am passing this electric zapper things, wouldn’t that be gross, and then i got to thinking about that scene in sherlock where john’s like “sherlock you my best friend be my best man” and sherlock’s like “im best frined john friend bman best friend man?” *sips tea with eyeball in it* and yeah that’s the story of how love and bugs in my coffee will forever be inextricably linked in my mind from now on 

It’s almost as though the greater the devastation caused by neoliberalism, the greater the outbreak of NGOs. Nothing illustrates this more poignantly than the phenomenon of the U.S. preparing to invade a country and simultaneously readying NGOs to go in and clean up the devastation. In order make sure their funding is not jeopardized and that the governments of the countries they work in will allow them to function, NGOs have to present their work in a shallow framework, more or less shorn of a political or historical context. At any rate, an inconvenient historical or political context. Apolitical (and therefore, actually, extremely political) distress reports from poor countries and war zones eventually make the (dark) people of those (dark) countries seem like pathological victims. Another malnourished Indian, another starving Ethiopian, another Afghan refugee camp, another maimed Sudanese…in need of the white man’s help. They unwittingly reinforce racist stereotypes and reaffirm the achievements, the comforts and the compassion (the tough love) of Western civilization. They’re the secular missionaries of the modern world.

Eventually—on a smaller scale, but more insidiously—the capital available to NGOs plays the same role in alternative politics as the speculative capital that flows in and out of the economies of poor countries. It begins to dictate the agenda. It turns confrontation into negotiation. It depoliticizes resistance. It interferes with local peoples’ movements that have traditionally been self-reliant. NGOs have funds that can employ local people who might otherwise be activists in resistance movements, but now can feel they are doing some immediate, creative good (and earning a living while they’re at it). Real political resistance offers no such short cuts. The NGO-ization of politics threatens to turn resistance into a well-mannered, reasonable, salaried, 9-to-5 job.
— Arundhati Roy, “Public power in the age of empire” (via rs620)

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