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"Nothing human is alien to me."

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there was this white american guy in the office a few minutes ago and he sounded so WHITE and AMERICAN and GUY. i think he was pitching an episode idea (i help out in a broadcasting company) or something to somebody (although i could never hear any response from this other person). you could tell he was trying to whisper, but he was whispering so loud i think everyone could hear him and he used “fucking” and “motherfucker” a lot and it was surreal how white american man he was, like, an actual white american man in the flesh and he’s exactly like all the jokes on tumblr…. at one point he said “and then they destroy the motherfucker” like i’m not kidding i have no idea what show he was pitching for but this white american man who doesn’t know how to whisper actually said “and then they destroy the motherfucker” it was really surreal, like listening to a caricature come to life 


Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

No justice, no peace.

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i love my university so much lmao i enquired about something last friday and they got back to me saying it’ll take about 2/3 weeks and i was like NOOOOO but i just got the thing in my inbox a few minutes ago 


  • lotus root soup and soft, warm rice 
  • rain in the afternoon
  • riding in a car with the radio off 
  • my sister (this is a given, on any list of things ever) 
  • the thought (just the mere thought) of adventure time and ice cream 

The choice which radical feminists defend is substantive. We ask what is the actual content or meaning of a choice which grows out of a context of powerlessness. Do such choices as surrogacy foster the empowerment of women as a class and create a better world for women? What kind of choices do women have when subordination, poverty, and degrading work are the options available ‘to most’? The point is not to deny that women are capable of choosing within contexts of powerlessness, but to question how much real power these "choices" have. To paraphrase Marx and apply his words here, women make their own choices, but they often do not make them just as they please. They do not make them under conditions they create but under conditions and constraints that they are often powerless to change. When Marx uttered these thoughts, he was acclaimed for his political insight. When radical feminists say the same, they are blamed for being condescending to women.

Janice G. Raymond - “Sexual and Reproductive Liberalism”

Marxists, please re-discover radical feminism; radfems, please re-discover Historical Materialism.

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He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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what was taking religious studies as an A Level like for you, Ellen?

hi i loved it!! i’ve answered a question like this before, but hmu if u have any other questions 


human nature keeps getting retconned in history books to reaffirm current biases. what you keep insisting is ‘human nature’ is actually how human beings live and interact with one another under capitalism, and even this can change depending where you live.

please stop saying human beings are inherently anything because thats a fundamentally ignorant and short-sighted view of a species that has been around for thousands of years.

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